From my earliest memories of walks through field and wood with my father, I have been awed by nature's creations, whether it be flora or fauna or even ourselves. Our own physical presence repeats the rhythms and shapes we see there.  It is not by coincidence that one of the mediums in which I have chosen to sculpt is terracotta, a natural material made of earth itself.  It is a conduit for my interpretation of  nature's cycle of life, for the living earth as both a source and site for all existence, and a direct connection between people and the place they inhabit.  I am interested in creating dynamic and evocative forms that echo the undulating earth and seas, and the architecture of the structures we build to live upon them.

 My painting   and sculpture also brings focus to nature and our environments. I hope to bring attention to what we have that may soon, or already, be lost.  My continuing series of paintings inspired by locations in the Liberty Praire Reserve and other Midwest sites is my effort to bring a different vision to appreciation for our natural places and agricultural heritage. I reveal these places in my work, celebrating their ability to renew spirits, awaken senses and hold a true value against which the significance of human enterprise is measured.